Website Checklist: What Every Website Needs

Website Checklist: What Every Website Needs

Launching a new business website requires more than a beautiful design. Apart from good products or service page, you need a well-decorated website full of essential elements. You need to know there are some must-have features to consider when you are on a way of launching a new website. WebCommander, an ecommerce platform based in Australia, have researched a lot about these must-have features and recently published an ultimate website checklist infographic.

The following infographic can ensure a basic outline of all essential features of a website, focused on- flawless user experience, content presentation, content quality, service or product page authentication, an easy conversion process, organic search section and social media preferences and paid traffic details as well. The overall presentation may vary from site to site, but the basic features mentioned in the infographic are applicable to almost all websites.

An engaging business website is not only about its front end but also need to ensure its backend features. This infographic presents all of the essential backend features that can ensure your site performs well in all aspects.

Here are some key points from the website checklist infographics:

  • You should always be concerned about ensuring a fast load speed.
  • Your business website design should be responsive and visually appealing.
  • You should publish good quality, relevant and engaging content on your website.
  • All of the basics about the homepage, footer, about page and credibility enhancers.
  • A related post section should be included in the blog section along with a clear navigation system on the website.
  • Email subscription and newsletter implementation should be the enticing subject line.
  • Service or product page should consider unique value propositions, testimonials, visual presentations and calls to action.
  • The website should ensure an easy-to-buy and contact process for the customers.
  • Build up an organic search optimization and adding all the social media profiles is also important.
  • Last but not the list, you can take help from some paid traffic as well.

Website Checklist: What Every Website Needs

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